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Drive the right behaviours and 

generate a meaningful return on investment.

Our incentivisation solution empowers you to drive the right behaviours in your customers and employees by leveraging our comprehensive platform, large and relevant partner network and many years of market-leading experience. 

Some of the key benefits our solution offers:
Increases customer retention. Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring them.
Decreases hiring costs by improving employee retention. Rewarding staff makes them feel valued.
Drives a high-performance culture by rewarding employees for meeting their targets.
Increases your repeat purchase rate by giving customers a reason to spend money with you.
Use Randgo reporting and dashboards to further optimise your solution with powerful insights.
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Our platform incorporates key gamification features which work towards user-engagement, business improvement and an increased bottom line, whilst driving usage of the programme. Some of the features include:
Leader boards
And more...
Our job is to understand your business objectives
and partner with you to create an incentivisation solution that delivers a meaningful ROI.
Our job is to understand your goals
and work with you to create an incentivisation strategy that works for you.

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