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5 Tried-and-tested strategies to convert customers into fans of your brand
Repeat customers are one of the most important factors in a company’s success — after all, it takes more than a single purchase to build a thriving business.  With consumers constantly comparing prices and purchasing from different brands, the modern market is a challenging battleground for businesses. However, it shouldn't
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5 Top strategies to combat employee churn and boost retention
As hard as it is to find the right people for a job, it can be just as difficult to keep them. The modern workplace has become complex and dynamic, with new opportunities for advancement and growth taking hold of the marketplace. So how do businesses retain their amazing employees?
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The A-Z guide to implementing an employee loyalty programme at work
Rewarding team members who go above and beyond to achieve specific milestones makes them feel special and, in turn, inspires them to work harder to achieve all of their (and your) goals. If a company doesn't know what makes its employees feel valued, how can it hope to retain those
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7 little-known facts about loyalty programmes
To capture the attention of your target audience and make them loyal to your brand, you have to come up with innovative ways of providing value that is in line with your brand's mission.  With the online shopping boom still going strong and social media marketing becoming the norm, the
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How Randgo’s massive network of rewards partners could benefit you and your business
To provide the best rewards and incentives, you need to work with top-rated brands that are recognized both for their high quality and consumer appeal key factors in the success of your rewards programme — which is why we carefully craft relationships with providers that can offer outstanding rewards, exciting
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Customer engagement: the key to building a loyal customer base
The more engaged your customers are, the more likely they are to remain loyal and continue buying from you — instead of looking for another service provider that can better meet their needs. There’s a lot of talk about customer engagement these days - in fact, the internet is packed
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3 Reward Schemes To Better Engage Your Employees 
Employee reward programmes involve providing staff with different types of benefits and rewards in exchange for a display of desirable employee behaviour. Reward your employees, and they will reward you. Why should companies reward their employees? Employee rewards are important because they focus on the positives. When employees are rewarded
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Why and How You Can Incentivise Beyond Your Sales Team
Sales is an integral department of most organizations. Not only does a sales team often work on the frontline for a business serving as the company’s face, but they directly impact a business’s bottom line too, as their performance can directly increase revenue and create growth. This is why so
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Why Do You Need To Incentivise Your Customers?
Incentive programmes drive specific behaviours by rewarding them. If you are incentivised to do something, it’s because there’s a benefit for you to gain by doing so. Businesses implement incentive programmes in order to influence their customers’ behaviour and, ultimately, their customers’ relationship with their brand. The value in influencing
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4 Reasons Why Employee Loyalty Is Critical To Your Business’s Success
Employee loyalty is one of the most sought-after traits in the modern workplace. It refers to the state of staff members feeling genuinely dedicated to, passionate about and satisfied with the company they work for. Employee loyalty takes time and effort to cultivate, but is proved to be crucial to
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