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How Randgo’s massive network of rewards partners could benefit you and your business

14 June 2022

To provide the best rewards and incentives, you need to work with top-rated brands that are recognized both for their high quality and consumer appeal key factors in the success of your rewards programme — which is why we carefully craft relationships with providers that can offer outstanding rewards, exciting deals and exclusive discounts.

Rewards and cash-back sites are a dime a dozen — but not all of them can provide savings for millions of members at once. At Randgo, we believe that the secret to our success is that we have the resources of a large corporation and the heart of a small business. Our strength lies in our ability to offer exclusive deals, innovative solutions, and personalized service that our competitors simply can't match. 

We are one of the leading providers of loyalty and rewards solutions, enabling businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers and employees by offering them real-world value. We’re able to offer the biggest product offering all under one roof, empowering our members to save millions of Rands every year by using our solutions. With our massive network of partners, we can offer a range of rewards, discounts and special offers that are unrivalled in the industry. We are the only partner offering our members access to more products and services than any other loyalty program.

What this means for your business:

  • You’ll get tailor-made rewards programmes that really address the needs and desires of your customers 

These days, customer loyalty is more important than ever. The standard strategy of offering a rewards program that gives customers points for every rand spent isn't enough to get and keep customers on board. What really motivates and incentivises customers is proving that you are able to understand their needs and desires and provide rewards that align with these. They want to see that you have put thought into your rewards programme and have gone to the effort of procuring deals and discounts that truly benefit them. 

  • When employees are presented with rewards that they really want, they are more enthusiastic about participating in your rewards programme

Whether you run a business or work for one or manage a team, you know how important employee engagement is. No matter what size your company, it's crucial to cultivate a healthy and active culture of people who are committed to the goals of the organization. Despite your efforts, you may find that your employees are reluctant to participate in your rewards programme. If this is the case, then it might be time to reconsider the kinds of rewards you are offering. Rewarding your employees with incentive rewards they actually want will help to increase employee participation and engagement. In fact, you'd be surprised at how much more productive and enthusiastic your employees can be when they truly want to unlock a particularly tempting reward!

  • A successful rewards programme leads to greater employee engagement and more enthusiastic buy-in from customers, all of which results in greater profits for your business. 

Having a rewards programme in place for your most loyal customers will not only help you increase your brand loyalty but also the profitability of your business. This is because loyal customers are less likely to leave you for competitors, and they're more likely to continue purchasing from your business. Thus, by helping them earn rewards, your business can reap greater profits. Of course it goes without saying that the more unique and appealing the rewards on offer are, the more likely customers are to choose you over a competitor brand offering standard rewards like in-store discounts. 

How we choose our partners

When working with Randgo, you will benefit from our contracted network of 500+ wholesale, retail and brand partners — all of which are carefully vetted by our team. This ensures that your member experience is immersive and rewarding, no matter who your target audience is. Our unique ability to access a diverse range of partnerships allows us to create programmes that drive conversion and customer loyalty as well as boost employee engagement and motivation. 

We go to great lengths to partner with household names and industry-leading brands that are sure to capture the interest and attention of your rewards programme participants - and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting partners to add to our list. That’s just one way that we show our dedication to the success of your rewards programme and the overall prosperity of your business!

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