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3 Reward Schemes To Better Engage Your Employees 

08 April 2022

Employee reward programmes involve providing staff with different types of benefits and rewards in exchange for a display of desirable employee behaviour. Reward your employees, and they will reward you.

Why should companies reward their employees?

Employee rewards are important because they focus on the positives. When employees are rewarded for their hard work, it sends a clear message that what they’re doing matters, which helps them feel valued and recognised. This leads to a more positive work experience for employees, which enhances employee engagement. And the benefits of employee engagement are definitely worth obtaining.

What’s so great about employee engagement? 

Engaged employees are connected and committed to their work and employer, and truly engaged employees can make good companies great ones. Here are 3 key positive outcomes of employee engagement:

  1. Boosted productivity

When employees are satisfied at work, they put more effort into their responsibilities, improving their overall performance. Engaged employees are more genuinely interested in what they do, and this leads to more proactiveness and innovation, ultimately benefiting your business.

  1. Improved company culture

Positivity is infectious. The more employees feel good about working for you, the more the feeling will catch on amongst other team members, creating a workplace full of enthusiastic and fulfilled employees.

  1. Better employee retention

Employees are much more likely to remain at companies that make them feel valued and supported. Engaged employees not only reduce turnover rates but also contribute to the long-term success and growth of a company. 

What is the most effective way to engage employees?

Here is where we come back to employee rewards, which can take many forms. Employers can reward employees with simple gestures, such as a public acknowledgement for a job well done, or covering the cost of something like a celebratory lunch.

Enabling your staff to feel a sense of worth is always worthwhile, as the effect of recognition on mental health can be astounding. However, a more proactive approach would be to strategise and implement a rewards program that brings consistent, tangible benefits to your staff’s lives. 

With Randgo, we can help you build a custom employee reward program that does exactly this. Delight your employees by handpicking rewards that enhance their lives daily, and in the long term, in the ways that matter most to them. Here are some examples of benefits you can bring to your employees through Randgo:

  1. Grocery and Wellbeing Vouchers

Reward employees instantly with everyday savings on an array of different products.

  1. Discounted Travel

Provide employees with a customised travel experience where a travel expect can create a tailored package that meets each employees needs and budget.

  1. Wellbeing Solutions

Unlock healthier, more balanced employees with a suite of health and wellness benefits that help your workforce stay healthier.

Taking on the time, effort and cost a bespoke employee reward program requires may sound like really going the extra mile for your staff, and that’s because it is. Sometimes exceptional benefits like boosted productivity, enhanced company culture and better employee retention only come easily with making exceptional moves, like taking the initiative to implement a reward scheme. You get what you give.  

Rewarding employees for their engagement is not only about showing your gratitude for their hard work, but showing them you see them not just as workers, but as valued beings with needs and desires. And when employees feel seen in that light, there is no limit to what a company can achieve.  

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